w2qcref::CloudCoverProvider Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Will provide a radar specific cloud-cover indexed radial set.

w2img_CloudCoverProvider.h,v 1.7 2009/06/02 20:18:01 lakshman Exp

Public Member Functions

 CloudCoverProvider (const std::string &ccIndex, const std::string &productName, bool isRealTime)
 remember to call init as well.
virtual ~CloudCoverProvider ()
bool isInit () const
void init (const code::PolarGrid &example)
 provide an example polar grid to get radar location, resolution, etc.
void init (const code::Location &radar, const code::Angle &angularResolution, const code::Length &radialResolution, int numberOfGates)
code::SmartPtr< code::PolarGrid > getCloudCover (const code::Time &t)
 get the polargrid corresponding to latest time.

Protected Member Functions

virtual code::SmartPtr< w2img::ImageFiltercreateCloudCoverFilter (const code::LatLonGrid &grid)
virtual code::SmartPtr< w2img::ImageFiltercreateCloudCoverFilter (const code::Length &xres, const code::Length &yres)
virtual void filterCloudCover (code::LatLonGrid &grid)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

w2qcref::CloudCoverProvider::CloudCoverProvider ( const std::string &  ccIndex,
const std::string &  productName,
bool  isRealTime 

remember to call init as well.

virtual w2qcref::CloudCoverProvider::~CloudCoverProvider (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual code::SmartPtr<w2img::ImageFilter> w2qcref::CloudCoverProvider::createCloudCoverFilter ( const code::Length &  xres,
const code::Length &  yres 
) [protected, virtual]

virtual code::SmartPtr<w2img::ImageFilter> w2qcref::CloudCoverProvider::createCloudCoverFilter ( const code::LatLonGrid &  grid  )  [protected, virtual]

virtual void w2qcref::CloudCoverProvider::filterCloudCover ( code::LatLonGrid &  grid  )  [protected, virtual]

code::SmartPtr< code::PolarGrid > w2qcref::CloudCoverProvider::getCloudCover ( const code::Time &  t  ) 

get the polargrid corresponding to latest time.

Will return 0 if there is a problem.

void w2qcref::CloudCoverProvider::init ( const code::Location &  radar,
const code::Angle &  angularResolution,
const code::Length &  radialResolution,
int  numberOfGates 

void w2qcref::CloudCoverProvider::init ( const code::PolarGrid &  example  ) 

provide an example polar grid to get radar location, resolution, etc.


bool w2qcref::CloudCoverProvider::isInit (  )  const [inline]

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