code::SSAPFormatterListener Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This class provides SSAPFormatter with the proper event notification for data processing.

When a new product has arrived, the SSAPFormatterListener is notified by the Index with which it is registered. The SSAPFormatterListener gathers together the necessary pieces of data (possibly NX files) that the SSAPFormatter needs to construct various products (such as TabularData for SCIT, Meso, TDA, HDA).

Jason Lynn
code_SSAPFormatterListener.h,v 1.9 2009/06/02 20:17:54 lakshman Exp

Public Member Functions

virtual void actionPerformed (const ActionEvent *e)
 Function to process events passed along from the Index.
 SSAPFormatterListener (const std::string &op_d, const std::string &lbN)
 ~SSAPFormatterListener ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

code::SSAPFormatterListener::SSAPFormatterListener ( const std::string &  op_d,
const std::string &  lbN 
) [inline]


Initialize the private members.

code::SSAPFormatterListener::~SSAPFormatterListener (  )  [inline]


Member Function Documentation

virtual void code::SSAPFormatterListener::actionPerformed ( const ActionEvent *  e  )  [virtual]

Function to process events passed along from the Index.

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