bwer::Candidates Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for bwer::Candidates:

bwer::Rtbwers List of all members.

Public Types

typedef RadarImage::AzRan AzRan

Public Member Functions

 Candidates ()
void correctVal ()
AzRan getAzRan () const
void setLocation (const AzRan &azran)
void setPrevBwerConf (const std::vector< Rtbwers > &)

Static Public Member Functions

static double getDist (double x1, double y1, double x2, double y2)
 Get the distance measure between two points.
static void set3DValues (std::vector< Candidates > &candBwers, const std::vector< RadarImage > &allSwps)

Public Attributes

int numPts
int minVal
int maxVal
double avgVal
int maxBound
int minBound
double avgBound
int numBounds
int maxCap
int minCap
double avgCap
double cx
double cy
int minx
int miny
int maxx
int maxy
double height
double bestHeight
double lowVil
double prevBwerConf
int vol
int swp

Static Public Attributes

static const int DIST_THRESH = 5

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef RadarImage::AzRan bwer::Candidates::AzRan

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

bwer::Candidates::Candidates (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void bwer::Candidates::correctVal (  ) 

AzRan bwer::Candidates::getAzRan (  )  const [inline]

static double bwer::Candidates::getDist ( double  x1,
double  y1,
double  x2,
double  y2 
) [static]

Get the distance measure between two points.

static void bwer::Candidates::set3DValues ( std::vector< Candidates > &  candBwers,
const std::vector< RadarImage > &  allSwps 
) [static]

void bwer::Candidates::setLocation ( const AzRan azran  ) 

void bwer::Candidates::setPrevBwerConf ( const std::vector< Rtbwers > &   ) 

Member Data Documentation

double bwer::Candidates::avgBound

double bwer::Candidates::avgCap

double bwer::Candidates::avgVal

double bwer::Candidates::bestHeight

double bwer::Candidates::cx

double bwer::Candidates::cy

const int bwer::Candidates::DIST_THRESH = 5 [static]

double bwer::Candidates::height

double bwer::Candidates::lowVil

int bwer::Candidates::maxBound

int bwer::Candidates::maxCap

int bwer::Candidates::maxVal

int bwer::Candidates::maxx

int bwer::Candidates::maxy

int bwer::Candidates::minBound

int bwer::Candidates::minCap

int bwer::Candidates::minVal

int bwer::Candidates::minx

int bwer::Candidates::miny

int bwer::Candidates::numBounds

int bwer::Candidates::numPts

double bwer::Candidates::prevBwerConf

int bwer::Candidates::swp

int bwer::Candidates::vol

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